Welcome to Moneyhastag. It is a family finance blog that aims to give practical personal finance tips. We research, study and, based on our personal experience over the years, bring forward personal household advice that will help you in deciding your financial journey.

We all want to make some changes in our finances. This blog will help you with savings, budgeting and a legit way of making money tips to increase your wealth.

About the Founder

Hello there, my name is Paulomi Dutta and I am the founder of Moneyhashtag. Born and brought up in a low-middle class family where money was never in abundance.

Our family successfully lived in peace with a single income. I have grown up seeing my parents how they saved money each month. I have seen how smartly my mother has managed the household under a tight budget.

My upbringing has taught me enough about personal finances. When I married to the love of my life, we didn’t have much money to spare, and today, after seven years of blissful marriage, we have a stable family income.

In this blog, you will find every possible way to save money.

I hope you will find it helpful enough.

Hey, you can always reach out to me via email (given in contact us) and ask anything about finances. I will try my best to help you.

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