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9 Guaranteed Ways to Save Money on Apple Products

Apple products are known for being high quality and ground-breaking innovations, but they come with a high price tag.

The company is popular across the world for their sophisticated devices, and everyone wants to buy their products.

Unfortunately, they are not known well for discounts and sales. You must have money to buy their new products.

But if you are a fan of apple product, and unable to buy thinking of its sky-rocketing price, don’t be upset. Let me show you how you can purchase their product even if you are on a tight budget.

How to save money on apple products

Look for education discounts

As an apple product user, I wait for their every product to get launch. But when they reveal the prices, it pains me to admit that I can’t afford their latest tech devices.

However, you must know how to take advantage of certain discounts. If you are a student, especially grad or post-grad student, be sure to take advantage of education discounts from Apple.

You can get discounts on any Apple products through the Apple Education Store. The discounts aren’t fixed though; they keep on changing.

You will require proof of eligibility to avail the discounts. They will ask you to show student ID card and name of the educational institution with which you are associated. They will verify, once they approve you, you will get the access to the Apple Education Store.

Many colleges and universities have business collaboration with the Apple and offer discounts on their products for student, faculty and the staff.

Thus, getting an education discount on the product price can save you enough money.

Buy an older version

Apple releases new products every year and the costs are notoriously high. When you check out their latest version of iPhones, iPad and MacBook, you will be tempted to buy. But when you look at the prices, you will certainly resist unless you earn a lot monthly.

Which left us with one of the best options is to buy an older version product. Apple reduces the price of its older products significantly when it releases a new version.

Thus, if you are looking to save money on the Apple products and don’t want to go beyond your budget, wait for the prices to fall.

The same goes for all their products. Thus, Apple makes it affordable for you to purchase their products.

For example, I am using an iPhone 13 which I bought this year at a very reasonable price. The cost of iPhone 13 was high when it first launched. After a year and a half, they reduced the prices to almost 40%.

By buying an older version, you are typically saving a lot of money. You just have to wait and keep patience. You are getting the same features, but at a lower cost.

The only downside is that you won’t get the latest added features on your older version. However, Apple doesn’t bring a lot of changes. Still, you have the best model that is money-worthy.

how to save money on apple products

Buy during Black Friday Discount

As we all know, Black Friday is one of the best times of the year for shopping. And it’s a great time to get discounts on the Apple products.

Black Friday can be a bit of a madhouse. Almost every retail store announces big discounts on products.

People literally wait in the long queue to purchase tech devices, luxury products only because the respective stores offer discounts that they never give throughout the year. Also, this is the day when they can save money and fulfil their desire to purchase the product that they want.

Whether you are looking for a new Apple product or an older version, you are sure to find a great deal on each product this day.

Keep a tab on stores like Best Buy and the Apple store for their Black Friday deals. Check out the flyers and their websites to get more information on the deals.

Buy Refurbished

Refurbished Apple products are tested and certified by Apple themselves and come with a warranty, just like new products.

These are products that have been returned to the company for repair and then sold at a discount with new packaging. You can save up to 25% off the retail price.  

However, it can be considered as used product, that’s why they are often available at a much lower price.

If you are comfortable buying a refurbished Apple product, it’s important that you buy from a reputable source. Do your research before you make a purchase. You could end up getting a good deal on a refurbished product.

apple products

Buy used

This is pretty much an obvious option to save money on the Apple products. Although they are known for their high quality and durability. Sometimes it does feel that they are getting expensive each year.

Not everyone can spend thousands on a single phone. Buying used Apple product is a great option. You are not compromising with the quality when you buy an used product.

You can get Apple used products online and at any authorized retail store. I find Best Buy the best option because they provide better deals even on used products.

Before purchasing any Apple product, ensure to check the product’s condition. Ensure the product is covered by a warranty. Last, negotiate better for price.

Use military and Veteran discount

Do you know Apple offers a military and veteran discount on their product?

If you are a military person or veteran, you can easily get discounts on purchasing their products.

Just like student discount, they have Military Financing Program. You will need to show them your proof of identity and years of service. Once they get verified, you are all set to choose your product and get the discount.

mobile products

Check out Best Buy outlets

Do you know that Best Buy has a special outlet section on their website where you can find discounted Apple products?

Best Buy is always my first preference to buy any electronic goods. I am not promoting Best Buy though. You may not know this but Best Buy outlets sell used and refurbished Apple products at a much lower price.

You won’t get a better deal on the Apple products. You may want to check out the Best Buy outlets in your location to avail this offer.

Do you have a business?

Do you know that Apple also offers discounts to small businesses that purchase in bulk. If you have a small team, you will certainly require laptops at your workspace. You can do business with Apple by purchasing products in bulk. As you are a business partner of Apple now, they will give you discounts on any products you buy.

Not only in products, by establishing a collaboration with the tech company, you can also get discounts on Apple services like iCloud storage and AppleCare.

This is also a great way to save money on Apple products.

Apple card discount

Those who are avid Apple product users, they know how a Apple card is a great way to get discounts on Apple products. With the Apple card, you are eligible to get discounts on any product including, iPhone, iPad, Mac and Smart watch.

You can buy both offline and online by using Apple card. Thus, it is a certainly worth considering.

Last words –

There are so many tech companies that are competing with the tech-giant Apple. For years, Apple products are dominating the world. They are the innovative hub. People wait for the launch of their latest products and when they do, it create a lot of buzz in the tech world.

Apple products are class apart from the rest. They are expensive because they are the best I believe.

Honestly, I moved to iPhone from Android because I love how the ios software functions. It’s user-friendly, sophisticated and last for at least 4-5 years.

I bought my latest iPhone 13 by trade-in my older iPhone 7. Likewise, you can also save money and enjoy using Apple products.

How to get discounts on Apple products?

Apple products are some of the most popular items on the market, and they can be pretty pricey. But there are ways to get discounts on Apple products if you know where to look. 

 Join an Apple Recycling Program, when you join an Apple recycling program, you can trade in your old Apple products for a discount on new ones. This is a great way to get discounts on the latest and greatest Apple products. 

Shop at an authorized reseller, you can often get discounts on Apple products. This is because these resellers often have special deals with Apple.

Another way to get discounts on Apple products is to buy them refurbished. Refurbished products areproducts that have been returned to Apple for various reasons. They are then inspected, repaired, and put back on sale at a discounted price. You can find refurbished Apple products at the Apple Store or on sites like Amazon. 

Sign up for an Apple Store Student Discount, which will give you up to 10% off certain Apple products. 

How do I save money on my MacBook Pro?

If you’re looking to save money on your MacBook Pro, there are a few things you can do. First, take advantage of student discounts. If you’re a student, you can get a significant discount on your MacBook Pro purchase.

Second, consider buying a used or refurbished MacBook Pro. You can find great deals on used and refurbished MacBook Pro models if you know where to look.

Is it better to buy Apple products from Apple or Best Buy?

When it comes to Apple products, you generally have two choices: buy from Apple or buy from Best Buy. Which option is better for you? It really depends on your needs and preferences.

Price is usually the biggest factor, but convenience, selection, and customer service are also important. Apple products are almost always more expensive when bought directly from Apple, but Best Buy typically has a wider selection of Apple products in stock. 

Best Buy typically has lower prices than Apple. This is especially true if you’re looking for deals on older models or refurbished items. If you’re looking for the best selection and the lowest prices, then Best Buy is probably your best bet.

However, if you’re more concerned with convenience and customer service, then buying directly from Apple might be a better option for you.
When it comes to customer service, Apple typically offers a better experience than Best Buy. If you have any questions or problems with your purchase, you can usually get help more easily from Apple. Convenience: If you live near an Apple Store, buying from Apple is usually more convenient than buying from Best Buy. This is because you can often get same-day or next-day delivery from Apple, whereas Best Buy may take longer to deliver your purchase.

thus, buying the product entirely depends on what your preferences are.

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